No contracts. No Setup Fees.

With there are no contracts or setup fees. We offer simple, per call pricing - you only pay for successful calls and will be refunded for any bad numbers or failed calls. Have any questions? Our support is here to help - call us at (888) 831-4873!

Pricing Based On Message Length Not Connected Length

Don’t be fooled by other companies pricing that charges you for the entire length of the call. Our pricing is based only on your recordings length! Even if your call is 5 minutes long including the answering machine message, you only pay for however long your message is.

  • Robocalls

    This price is for a message of up to 30 seconds in length. To send a longer message it's only 6 cents per additional 30 seconds.

  • Extras

    Our premium call options are only 3 cent per call per contact to add on. Take a look below to see the wide variety of robocall options we provide.

  • Vanity #'s


    Get a local number to send the calls from. Our vanity numbers appear on the caller ID and will allow people to call back and opt-out of future calls.

SendCalls Volume Pricing

Our robocalling system can handle millions upon millions of calls which is perfect for political campaigns that are trying to reach a broad audience. Check out our discounted prices on bulk orders below. Please call us at (888) 831-4873 to order at our high volume prices.

  • CALLS 100k-250k 250k-500k 500k-1 Mil 1 Mil-2.5 Mil 2.5 Mil-3.5 Mil 3.5 Mil-5.5 Mil 5.5 Mil +
  • COST







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Extras Out of the Box

When you sign up for SendCalls you will get access to a lot of exciting features instantly.